Triggering Technology and Media Control

Smart technologies allow your visitors to experience exhibits and media interactively. The digital infrastructure we have developed enables a complex interplay of audio tracks, projections, light and animated objects – either triggered automatically or controlled intuitively by the visitors.

These technologies are not only revolutionizing the ways visitors move around your rooms, but also make maintenance of the media systems easier. We have a solution for every requirement – from individual display cases in small exhibition spaces to large-format video projections.


We will be happy to advise you on the possible applications.

Automatic content activation

Visitors may continue to use the classical method of entering a number on a keypad, but our technology offers diverse opportunities for automatic activation. Different modules are available, depending on the exhibition concept.

triggerPoint XS: The media guide scans a symbol behind which a triggerPoint is located, enabling the visitor to actively gather the information. Additionally, the scanning process can activate a dynamic interaction. In this case the video servers, projectors, multimedia stations, show controllers and lighting technology are activated and controlled in the background by the individual use of the media guide. Visitors receive the lip-synched audio for their videos or media installations in their own language.

triggerPoint S/M/XL or RF: Particular zones can be pre-defined for these triggerPoints which automatically offer information or activate interactions (location-based services) when visitors enter these areas. In effect, the exhibition reacts to the individual visitors, and actively integrates them into your exhibition presentation.

Media control with the supraHub

The supraHub is at the heart of the technological innovation. In conjunction with the media guides it serves as an autonomous digital distribution station

a.) for media control

b.) for light control modules

c.) for up to 256 timecodes for film synchronization

The supraHubs and media guides communicate within their own wireless network, guaranteeing stable transmission. The commands to the peripheral systems are distributed via the local network.

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