Premium-class communication
tourGuide TG-48

The premium level tour guide

  • a digital/analog group tour system
  • premium-class sound quality
  • Range: 180 — 200 m (indoor/outdoor)
  • extensive features and functions
  • external content can be played via the AUX input
  • 1600 available channels
  • transport and charging case for 32 devices or drawer for 100 devices
  • extensive accessories such as headphones, microphone, etc.
  • Operating time: up to 12 hours


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Excellent quality in sound and processing

Highest sound quality, excellent workmanship, a high-resolution OLED display for your logo insertion, plus an impressive range of up to 200 m and 1600 available channels: the tonwelt tourGuide TG-48 is our premium-class system. With its sleek design, a weight of less than 50 g and an operating time of up to 12 hours, the tourGuide TG-48 was created to inspire both listeners and group leaders alike. The added ability to play external content via an AUX input allows you to turn any site, museum or VIP tour into a complete acoustic experience.

Tonwelt offers you a wide range of tourGuides for all possible uses. Let us advise you and find out more about flexible usage and financing options, such as rent, lease or purchase.

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