Digital tour guide with long service life
tourGuide PLAY

Your reliable and practical companion

  • a light and compact group tour system
  • Range: 90 — 120 m (indoor/outdoo)
  • intuitive operation and high reliability
  • customizable with stickers
  • optional sync kit
  • transport and charging bag for 12, 35 or 60 devices
  • extensive accessories such as headphones, microphone, etc.
  • Operating time: up to 32 hours

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Practical, dependable and refreshingly light

The tourGuide PLAY is a practical and easy to use digital group guidance system. Its intuitive operation, high reliability and long service life make it a very dependable companion for any situation. At just under 44 g, the tourGuide PLAY is refreshingly light. Its particularly low latency of only 22 ms enables virtually delay-free transmission. With up to 110 available channels and a range of 120 m, this system ensures that you’ll always stay in touch with your group.

Ready to use: The tourGuide PLAY transmitter has a practical clip-on microphone — completely cable free.

Customizable with stickers

With the customizable sticker surface, the tourGuide PLAY is the ideal system for city tours, travel companies and small to medium-sized museums looking for a simple, and above all practical, group tour system. Especially practical: its optional sync-kit can set several devices to the target channel simultaneously, in no time at all.

Tonwelt offers you a wide range of tourGuides for all possible uses. Let us advise you and find out more about flexible usage and financing options, such as rent, lease or purchase.

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