The uncomplicated all-rounder for daily use
tourGuide MG

Simple operation and top reliability

    • a robust analog group guidance system
    • excellent sound quality
    • 16 available channels
    • external content can be played via the AUX input
    • uses standard AA batteries
    • Operating time: up to 20 hours
    • transport and charging case for 12 resp. 36 devices, or drawer for 50 devices

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    Attractive price-performance ratio

    The tourGuide MG is the reliable all-rounder in our series. Its simple and intuitive design has been impressing customers across the globe for many years.
    Whether in museums or at famous landmarks, the tourGuide MG guarantees optimal performance in highly frequented locations.

    Tours with large groups can be held simultaneously in several languages.

    Extensive accessories with charging and transport case

    External content can also be imported via an AUX input. Available with numerous practical accessories, such as a charging and transport case, the tourGuide MG offers a very attractive price-performance ratio.

    Tonwelt offers you a wide range of tourGuides for all possible uses. Let us advise you and find out more about flexible usage and financing options, such as rent, lease or purchase.

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