Digital bidirectional tour guide
tourGuide GO+

Easy to use digital group tour system

  • good sound quality thanks to ANC
  • LCD screen for quick operation
  • bidirectional mode for increased interaction
  • Range: 100 — 140 m (indoor/outdoor)
  • external content can be played via the AUX input
  • 110 available channels with optional sync-kit
  • transport and charging bag for 12, 35 or 60 devices
  • extensive accessories such as headphones, microphone, etc.
  • Operating time: up to 14 hours

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Bidirectional mode enables direct communication within the group

Like the tourGuide GO, the tourGuide GO+ is an easy to use digital group tour system. In addition to its low weight, compact dimensions and additional AUX input, the tourGuide GO+ offers another very special feature: the bidirectional mode. This gives your listeners the opportunity to ask questions which can be shared directly with the entire group. The practical function is useful for all applications where interactivity and exchange are required — such as during industrial tours or between seminar leaders and participants or teachers and students.

ANC Technology and Sync-Kit

The tourGuide GO+ is also equipped with Active Noise Cancelling technology which reduces any unwanted noises in the transmission environment. This ensures that every word can be heard even in acoustically demanding situations.

Tonwelt offers you a wide range of tourGuides for all possible uses. Let us advise you and find out more about flexible usage and financing options, such as rent, lease or purchase.

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