GPS-controlled infotainment system
supraGuide TRAVEL

Automatically placed multilingual content

    • a robust, multilingual infotainment system
    • for permanent installation in trains, boats and buses
    • excellent sound quality
    • GPS-controlled delivery of content at POIs
    • available with a control panel or touchscreen
    • individually configurable
    •  8 — 20 available channels

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    Genuine long-term bonus for your visitors

    Sightseeing tours on buses, trains or boats are incredibly popular in cities and tourist centres. Via an intuitive control panel or interactive touch display, the supraGuide TRAVEL enables you to deliver photographs, videos, music and original sounds to your visitors at predetermined points of interest (POIs). If desired, the multilingual content can be activated, either manually or automatically, at defined GPS points. The system works as a permanent, weather-proof installation inside your vehicle, providing a genuine long-term bonus for your visitors.

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