A multimedia guide for videos, maps and apps
supraGuide TOUCH⁴

multimedia guide supraGuide TOUCH⁴ creates new UX

High-performance for unique visitor experiences

    • interactive multimedia guide with map function
    • 4,3'' high-res touch display
    • enables playback of images, audio, videos and quizzes
    • automatic and semi-­automatic activation and remote-­control function
    • integrated tour guide function (optional)
    • content management and user data analysis via supraCMS
    • WiFi, Bluetooth and integration of third-party apps
    • charging station, peripherals, full range of accessories

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    Everything a multimedia guide needs:
    innovations, quality, compatibility

    The interactive supraGuide TOUCH⁴ presents your content in vivid images and multiple languages on a new touch screen with an even higher resolution. With the ability to use a mix of audio clips, exciting videos, images and games, you can create thematic tours that each and every one of your visitors will enjoy. The large touch screen is also made for displaying floor plans and maps. It goes without saying that tonwelt supraGuide TOUCH⁴ also has automatic activation (triggering), excellent sound quality, an integrated tourguide function and is connected to the digital media control. With high performance WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, this multimedia guide additionally supports the integration of third-party apps.

    automatic activation and triggering with multimedia guide supraGuide TOUCH⁴
    supraCharger für multimedia guide supraGuide TOUCH⁴

    Accessories, peripherals, architecture

    The supraGuide TOUCH⁴ is seamlessly integrated into the entire tonwelt end-to-end architecture. In addition to headphones and microphones, this includes the supraCharger charging station and the supraHub media control system. With tonwelt triggerPoints, content can be triggered semi-automatically or fully automatically in zones and the audio tracks of external media can be synchronised in the available languages. Take advantage of the powerful supraCMS for data and content management: from the informative audio tour with manual number entry, the highlight tour with indoor localisation to the complex, timecode-based visitor journey.

    Discover the keys of visitor experiences

    tonwelt supraCMS: Central Storage Location

    Central Storage Location

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    Multi-Site & Multi-Exhibition

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    Versatile Editors

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    Digital Storytelling

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    Augmented Reality

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    Design & Templates

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    Supplementary content & Articles

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    Quiz & Learning

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    Favourites & Feedback

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    Automatic Triggering

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    Scenes and Journeys

    tonwelt supraCMS: Database interfaces

    Database interfaces

    Multiplatform visitor experiences

    tonwelt’s supraCMS is the core technology that lies at the heart of your guided tour. It enables you to inspire your target groups by combining different media in the most effective way possible. Whether you want to incorporate digital storytelling, automatic triggering, synchronisation of audio tracks with video projections, seamless harmonisation of audio devices, integration of indoor navigation, AR content, external content via Webframes or journeys via our unique Scene Editor, tonwelt’s supraCMS lets you guide your visitor through a whole new level of experience.

    No matter which device you choose - audio guide, media guide, native apps or PWA: the supraCMS is your central place for all your visitor tours. Update the content of your devices on all platforms at the push of a button and benefit from the possibilities of the most powerful content management system for visitor guides on the market.

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