Multimedia guide for unique visitor experiences
supraGuide DIVA

All media visitor guiding

    • high-end multimedia guide with 6,3" FHD+ touch display
    • videos, games, AR, VR, quizzes, multitrack playback
    • DECT tour guide and conferencing module (optional)
    • ultra-wideband for precise indoor navigation (optional)
    • WiFi, Bluetooth 5, third-party apps
    • virtual triggering (activation without hardware)
    • IR & RF for spot based services and automatic triggering
    • timecode based visitor journeys
    • media and tour management with supraCMS
    • charger, peripherals, accessories

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    A multimedia guide with perfection
    up to the 8th heart

    supraGuide DIVA combines all advantages of the sophisticated tonwelt supraGuide end-to-end solution with the latest innovations in chip technology. With its octacore chipset, this multimedia guide enables you to think visitor tours in completely new dimensions.The system supports high-precision indoor localisation, navigation via ultra-wideband, exciting AR applications, games, quizzes and much more. Through bidirectional communication with players and media control and thanks to numerous new features in supraCMS, even visitor tours based on time code are now possible. They enable you to design routes, information and complex visitor experiences tailored to your visitor group.


    Seamless communication - unique visitor experiences

    supraGuide DIVA is the ideal multimedia guide for all those who want to go one step further with their visitor tours and use the full potential of visitor communication. Use the optional DECT module for interactive group guiding with hundreds of participants in CD sound quality and a range of up to 300 meters. With supraGuide DIVA, you can also benefit from tonwelt's spot-based communication options: interactive triggering, semi-automatic or fully automatic triggering of content, remote control function, bidirectional communication with touch tables, displays or digital info kiosk. By the way, supraGuide DIVA is also available for external content. With web frames, content from your homepage can be integrated easily into your tours. Or feel free to run third party apps on the DIVA. Good to know: Each tour created with supraCMS is - depending on the used peripherals - automatically available as iOS and Android app.

    Discover the keys of visitor experiences

    Maps & wayfinding


    Tours & quizz


    Tourguide mode

    & media control


    content- & tour management


    Third party & Apps

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