Headphones play an essential role in the listening experience. We offer a range of models that guarantee optimal sound quality and wearing comfort.

supraPhones – a tonwelt innovation

With the supraPhones tonwelt has developed an open and hygienic form of headphone in which the earpieces are not placed on the ears, but essentially float in front of them.

This maintains the listener’s acoustic connection to the surroundings and reduces the cleaning effort for the customer.

In the construction we have placed particular emphasis on intelligibility of speech, long service life and sustainability. The phones are made of high-quality, durable components that can be repaired or replaced.

Various headphone models

Depending on your requirements and handling you can purchase headsets or single ear phones.

All the models offer high wearing comfort and excellent sound quality.

Hygienic Pads and Earpads

For some headphone models you can order hygienic pads and replacement earpads. They can be changed quickly and easily.

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