AV Installations

Visitors can deepen their understanding of the exhibition material interactively, on their own or in groups. From simple listening posts to sound installations to interactive projections – we plan and install a wide variety of media technology to produce a multimedia experience.

Depending on the spatial situation in the room and the nature of the project a range of components are available for playing back audio material, films, animations, images or texts. Media tables, multi-touch applications and virtual objects are just some of the many possibilities. We have developed software that can be easily integrated into the technology and is simple to use.

No matter which creative ideas are to be implemented – we will work with you to find the result that best suits your exhibition conceptually, technically and visually.

Selected Projects

La Cité du Vin

Media planning // Concept // AV production // Audioguides

Website: www.laciteduvin.com

Submarine Bunker "Valentin" labor camp memorial

Media planning // Concept // AV Production // Barrier-free tour // Audioguides

Website: www.denkort-bunker-valentin.de

Schwarzenberg Castle

Media planning // Concept // AV Production // AV hardware integration

Website: www.schlossschwarzenberg.de

Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

Support for media planning // Technical concept // AV content and software production // Sound installations // Audioguides

Website: www.museum-karlshorst.de

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