Charging Stations

The supraCharger is far more than just a charging device. It is a charging station that enables you to update content, pre-set languages and activate the group tour function. The supraCharger automatically transfers all content to the devices and reads out statistical data.

supraCharger charging station
for supraGuides multi & touch

Our easy-to-use charging station lets you charge and store up to 20 media guides at a time in mixed mode.

For large-scale projects 150 supraChargers can be connected in series to manage up to 3,000 media guides.

Download specs sheet

supraCharger eco charging station
for supraGuide eco

With the supraCharger for the supraGuide eco you can charge and store up to 24 audioguides at a time.

The language selection for a given tour is activated via the built-in touch screen.

Download specs sheet

Amulticolored display for each charging slot indicates the chargingstatus of the device.

Thelanguage selection for the tour is activated via the built-in touchscreen.

VMS: All-in-one solution for managing content-related and technical infrastructure

We have developed intuitive CMS user software enabling you to manage and update your content yourself. The Device Manager Software allows you to administer and monitor firmware and content for large fleets of devices.

Evaluation of visitor statistics

A statistics tool enables you to retrieve important information about length of stay, user behavior and movement patterns.

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