supraGuide touch

Audio, video, pictures, floor plans and other information can be displayed on the large touch screen display. Visitors can be actively advised about special details. The  Mediaguides enable visitors to select and activate media stations and digital exhibits.

Media stations and digital exhibits can be easily activated using the integrated remote control.

Our comprehensive software allows you to produce the menu structure, user interface and contents of your guide withease and change them at any time.

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A multimedia guide full of innovative extras.

Videos, images and interactive floor plans offer visitors a new perspective on your exhibition.

Integrated loudspeaker with excellent acoustic properties

For optimal listening enjoyment you can also use stereo headphones. A built-in microphone makes it useable as a digital group guide system.


The infra-red receivers hidden inside the lightweight but robust aluminum casing enable audio tracks to be played with videos.

The supraCharger

On the charging station you can recharge the multimedia guides, transmit data to them, and adjust them for all languages.

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Designed by Arman Emami

Arman Emami is a German-Iranian product designer and inventor. Emami favors streamlined shapes with clear contours and tactile properties that aesthetically underscore the concepts as well as the technology.

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