supraGuide SPHERIC
All-in-one audio guide for immersive visitor experiences

supraGuide SPHERIC
All-in-one audio guide with 3D audio

  •     Headphones for immersive guide experiences
  •     3D Audio
  •     64 – 128 GB media storage
  •     Light weight
  •     Completely cordless use
  •     Charging rack for easy charging and storage
  •     Multitrack function with cross-fading
  •     Localisation and spot-based events
  •     Triggering and automatic release
  •     Video synchronisation
  •     Long operating time up to 14 hours
  •     Hygienic handling due to floating headphones
  •     Available in 3 colours: sand, opal blue, black

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    supraGuide SPHERIC
    All-in-one audio guide for binaural audio playback

    What actually is binaural and how do binaural recordings differ from real 3D audio? Currently, binaural sound or 3D audio is often talked about in the media. What exactly is meant by this and that binaural is not the same as 3D audio, we explain here:

    Binaural audio describes a special recording technique that is designed to create a realistic spatial sound image. This is very similar to the sound image we as humans hear. These recordings are typically made using a special microphone system called an dummy head. The dummy head has microphones placed in the model's ears to record the sound coming in on each side of the head.

    Binaural recordings allow listeners to have a deeper and more accurate spatial perception of sound by simulating the differences in sound intensity and arrival time between the listener's two ears. Listeners must wear headphones to fully enjoy the binaural effect; the binaural effect does not occur with room sound.

    Binaural audio is often used in music production to place the listener in a specific sound environment. However, this recording technique can also be used in other areas such as audio books, podcasts, sound effects and virtual reality applications - or even audio guides and media guides - to create a more realistic listening experience that is particularly fascinating for visitors. In principle, binaural recordings can be played with normal stereo headphones. However, this is not yet 3D sound!

    Completely wireless audio guide with 3D sound,
    automatic triggering and video synchronisation

    The supraGuide SPHERIC offers unprecedented wearing comfort with the highest sound quality. The audio guide is completely wireless, as the player and all technologies for automatic triggering and video synchronisation are built directly into the headphone. Thanks to its floating speakers, the device is particularly hygienic to use and also offers the possibility for groups of visitors and families to talk during the visit without removing the headphones.

    The real highlight, however, is the 3D sound in the supraGuide SPHERIC. Binaural recordings are linked via software with different sensors in the headphones so that visitors are in a virtual acoustic space and move around. Thanks to this sophisticated technology, it is possible to realise and experience auditory storytelling on a whole new level. Imagine a VR application - only for sound. Let your imagination run wild and think audio in new dimensions from now on!

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