supraGuide multi

The combination of touch screen and keypad with characters in Braille and large print makes this guide user-friendly and accessible for all target audiences.

Suited for all applications

The supraGuide multi is the perfect guiding system for all applications. The high-resolution color display presents images, videos and graphics in superb quality so that visitors can call up a wealth of visual information.

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Built-in group guiding system

The optional  group guiding system makes the supraGuide multi a highly versatile tour guide. Visitors can ask questions during group tours, thanks to the bidirectional interface.
The supraGuidemulti is the all-in-one system for your museum.

Integrated vibration function and autostart

This function alerts visually impaired visitors to available commentary. The activation technology either starts automatically or the visitor can trigger the start signal at a certain identified point.

The multifunctional supraGuide multi is highly versatile

With the remote control, autostart or keypad entry visitors can create their tours. In addition to hearing informative commentary on selected exhibits, visitors can also take part in polls or quizzes.


At the charging station you can recharge the multimedia guides, transmit data to them, and adjust them for all languages.

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