supraGuide eco

The energy-efficient hardware and software architecture of the supraGuide eco makes this device a big electricity saver with top performance. Thanks to its slim design, the audioguide is comfortable to hold and also easy to use.

Suitable for highly frequented facilities

The supraGuide eco is optimized for use in museums and for tourist sites with large numbers of visitors. This “classic” audioguide is also ideal for smaller museums with a limited budget.

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tonwelt supraGuide ECO: leightweigh design audio guide with outstanding sound quality, intuitive handling and extra long service life

Slim, lightweight and easy to use

Thanks to its slender shape, the supraGuide eco is both comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Stable headphone connections

The airline headphone jacks in our devices are characterized by exceptional stability and tensile strength. Two headphones can be connected if required.

Accessibility guaranteed

To assist visually impaired visitors, the supraGuide eco has a keypad with tactile braille characters. Hearing aid wearers can receive the sound on their hearing aids with the help of HAC headsets.

supraCharger eco charging station

Use the charging station to charge the multimedia guides, transfer data to them, and adjust them for all languages

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