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A tonwelt audio guide can be found wherever visitors require precise and entertaining guidance. In museums and exhibitions, in palaces and castles, in theme parks and trade fairs, on tours of cities or factories. Each venue and exhibition has its own specific requirements. Our experienced team of engineers, software developers and designers responds to all your individual needs and wishes. We do not only offer you the exactly fitting device for your specific use case but also always the tailor made guiding solution for a memorable visitor tour.

supraGuide ECO

The classic audio guide weighing just 70 g offers outstanding sound quality, intuitive handling and a long service life.

tonwelt devel­oped it's de­pen­dable supraGuide ECO for long-­term use at visitor attrac­tions and museums with high visitor volumes. This light­weight and com­pact audio guide stands out for its award-­winning design, excellent sound quality, user-­friendly ergo­no­mics and intui­tiv opera­tion, which is also access­ible for visually im­paired visitors. The supraGuide ECO has a long battery life and thanks to the inte­­gra­ted radio and infra­red trans­­cei­ver your visi­tors can acti­vate con­tent and play audio tracks lip-­­sync to videos.

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tonwelt supraGuide ECO: lightweight design audioguide for museums and visitor attractions

supraGuide MULTI

The supraGuide MULTI bridges the gap between a classic audio guide and in­ter­act­ive multi­me­dia guide. Equi­pped with a touch-­screen and a key­pad with large num­erals and Braille char­act­ers, it guaran­tees usa­bi­li­ty am­ong all visitor groups. For hearing-­impaired visi­tors the inte­grat­ed in­duc­tion loop en­ables a direct audio trans­mission to hear­ing aids. A­side from offer­ing a full spec­trum of func­tions, the supraGuide MULTI also pro­vides an auto­matic activation of con­tent play­back via infra­red and wire­less trigger­Points. The optional group guiding function trans­forms the supraGuide MULTI into a flex­ible tour guide for custo­mised tours.

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tonwelt supraGuide MULTI audio guide with touch screen and Braille keyboard and integrated inducution loop and optional group guiding system

supraGuide TOUCH

With the supraGuide TOUCH you guide your vi­­si­­tors through your ex­hi­bi­tion in a mul­ti­media way. The re­liable pre­mium de­vice not only plays audio, videos and images on the large touch­screen, but also allows a com­plete in­te­gra­tion into the AV tech­no­logy of your site thanks to auto­ma­tic tri­gger­ing and media con­trol. Ex­pand the on-­site ex­per­ience of your vi­si­tors with lo­cation-­based ser­vices, inter­active floor plans and ex­hi­bi­tion feed­back.

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tonwelt supraGuide TOUCH: full feature audio guide and multimedia guide for advanced visitor journeys

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