supraGuide MOBILE
Digital Visitor Tours and Audio Guides via App or PWA

The new audio guide App from tonwelt lets you welcome visitors personally, individually and selectively. To help you launch your digital visitor guidance system as quickly as possible, we’ve now expanded our content management system to allow you to create, edit and extend your App-based multimedia tours using our new supraCMS. Our flexible multi-platform framework lets you make the same tour available via Android and iOS Apps, a Progressive Web App (PWA) or our professional tonwelt multimedia guides. If required, you can also take advantage of our other innovative functions such as Augmented Reality (AR), individual tours for children and young people, and the presentation of all your relevant exhibit information in a clearly laid out object list.

Audio guide App and PWA

Visitor guiding via all media on all platforms

    • Maintain all your content, tours and media in a single content management system
    • Create, manage and edit easily with our powerful editors
    • Use a variety of media types: audio, text, video, images, augmented reality (AR), 360° views
    • Create targeted highlights or themed tours easily from the CMS
    • Present your tours via tonwelt supraGuides, native Apps for Android and iOS or a Progressive Web App (PWA)
    • Use a variety of extensions and functions: favourites, social media links, quiz, interactive maps
    • Optional automatic on-site triggering of content
    • Media management and visitor statistics via supraCMS
    • Compatible with all tonwelt supraGuide audio and multimedia devices

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    Knowledge transfer and technology – hand in hand

    The same rule applies to your digital tour as to any other digital space: content should lead the way, not technology. As a pioneer of interactive visitor tours via our audio and multimedia guides, tonwelt is now in a position to offer you the most comprehensive visitor guidance multimedia App on the market – the supraGuide MOBILE. And don’t forget! Thanks to our decades of experience, we can also provide you with the perfect content for your tour. So why not let our experienced team of experts advise you about which media, content and formats are best suited to your needs. Based upon your input, we’ll create unique concepts for a wide variety of acoustic experiences, including audio tours, digital storytelling and immersive visitor journeys. We’ll then carry out your wishes by bringing your chosen ideas to life in our in-house studios. As well as benefitting from our network of professional designers, developers and content specialists, you’ll also be able to draw on our extensive experience gained from thousands of fascinating international projects.

    audioguide app and pwa with many features
    tonwelt supraCMS – Content Management System for visitor experiences with audio guid, multimedia guide, app, pwa or website

    supraCMS – the most advanced content management system for visitor experiences

    The new supraCMS from tonwelt is a creation born of experience, curiosity and a passion for innovation. Building on the knowledge we’ve gained through our countless international projects, we’ve now created a system that offers you the greatest possible freedom when sending your tours to different devices and media platforms. So whether you’re transmitting your information to an iOS or Android App, a Progressive Web App (PWA), touch-tables, information columns or our own supraGuide audio and multimedia devices: all your content, tours and media can now be stored in a single location, where it can be managed and edited with ease. No matter if you offer Apps, audio tours, a PWA or multimedia guides, from now on your content will always be up-to-date across all platforms. Why settle for a rigid, one-platform solution when you can have the freedom to make flexible decisions based on the individual requirements of your visitors?

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