AV Productions

Audio and multimedia guides are a well-founded and versatile method of conveying knowledge in which information and entertainment are combined in imaginative ways.


We use a multitude of media to reach every single listener: musical accompaniment, acoustic effects, interviews with experts, original sound bites, sound collages along with deeper levels of information enrich a wide range of tours according to your wishes.


We produce multilingual tours for groups of foreign visitor. Your guests can design their visit according to their own wishes and interests in their chosen language.


Additional texts, comparative illustrations, films, animated clips, maps, lists and other audiovisual media provide further information. Our audio and multimedia tours are based on formats developed individually by us – with your ideas.


We are happy to advise you on preparing tours geared to highlights, themes or target audiences, taking visitor routes into account. This makes the tour a varied and entertaining experience for your audience.


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Tours for Kids and Teens

Children are the visitors of tomorrow! We ensure that they feel at home and enjoy a fun and eventful stay in your museum. For us, child-friendly means exploring the exhibition in a playful way and rousing the children’s curiosity. Accordingly, we invest much care in the didactic design of our tours for children.

Teens often prefer to take in an exhibition at their own pace. They enjoy using interactive multimedia guides with films, animated clips, quiz questions and music. The graphical user interfaces that we program offer numerous media elements enabling the young visitors to use their creativity and design their own stay in the museum.

Inclusive Tours

Accessibility is important to us. We produce assistive guides in collaboration with specially trained authors and translators. Tours for hearing-impaired visitors are presented by native speakers in sign language. For blind and visually impaired visitors we provide detailed verbal descriptions of the exhibition items along with assistance in spatial orientation.

We help you to assemble suitable exhibits and work out tour routes. With the help of ‘plain language’ we make your exhibition accessible to visitors with learning difficulties. This special type of guide uses short sentences and words that are easy to understand.

The Creative Process

Here are some of the many steps needed to prepare a tour.


Preparing the Text

We are happy to prepare your audio texts. Our authors have specialized backgrounds in history, art history or journalism. They write the manuscript for your audioguide based on the agreed communication concept and subject to your interpretation and approval.

Editing the Text

There are huge differences between texts meant to be read and texts for listening. In a careful editing process our audio directors optimize the language flow and comprehensibility of the texts.

Translating the Text

Every country has its unique linguistic features. For that reason an audio tour must be adapted to the listening habits of foreign visitors. Our experienced adaptors translate the text into their mother tongue, paying particular attention to the correct use of language and context.


The directors in our sound studios are responsible for the artistic and didactic design of the audio texts. They work with professional speakers, whose impressive voices make the texts come to life and convey the material to the listeners.


Sound engineers and media designers bring their expertise to bear on the entire production and mix the recordings, sound bites, interviews with artists, sound effects and music to create the final version.

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