Explore museums and exhibitions digitally:

via interactive online tours or personal video tours

Use online tours as teasers for real visits in the future.
Interactive 3D VR tours or exclusive video tours strengthen your digital concept and reinforce visitor loyalty.

Our offer, your benefits:

  • Generate more traffic and visitors for your website through innovative digital services.
  • Offer exclusive insights into your permanent and special exhibitions by using “sneak previews”. Provide your visitors at home with unique video contributions by experts – not just during the Covid-19 crisis! Give your web presence a personal touch.
  • Multiple use of 3D VR content and video tours on desktop PCs, VR-glasses and on-site via tonwelt multimedia guides!
  • Easily integrate innovative content into your social media presence.

  • Integrate your existing multi-lingual audio guide into a comprehensive, interactive 3D-Online-Tour that can be viewed using either a browser or VR-glasses.
  • Welcome guests to your special exhibitions even during closure!
  • Employ and offer sustainable digital services both pre- and post-visit!
  • Digital communication of content relating to museum education.

Digital museum tours via individual and personal video tours

Highlight your favourites


Ideally, the exclusive video online tour for your exhibition or collection will be produced either during closure or outside of your normal opening hours. In the same way that you plan an audio tour, simply select the number of exhibits that you want to present to your visitors as highlights. We’re more than happy to help you in the conceptional stage via video conference. To give your tour a personal touch, always remember to keep your information varied and entertaining by sharing special stories about your favourite exhibits. Once your tour has been conceived, we’ll begin production. A 1 or 2 person team will visit your museum to record your tour on-site. After that, we’ll edit and process your tour’s content and make it available for your website.

Production of video content – made by tonwelt

Content from video tours can be reused in many ways

Clever distribution, sensible re-use

One major advantage of video tours is that their content can be used and re-used in a number of ways. As well as embedding a tour in your own website, you can post individual snippets of your tour at regular intervals on your social media channels. Using your produced content in this way helps you to stay in contact with your followers even during the Codi-19 crisis. Another important advantage is the ability to re-use your video content for highlight-tours on either your tonwelt multimediaguides or in the new tonwelt app once your museum reopens. This offers you yet another way to welcome your guests.

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Explore museums from anywhere - via an interactive online tour

Exploring a museum click by click

Interactive 3D online tours allow you to offer your potential visitors or members a very special service. By using their PC screen at home or their iPad/tablet when travelling, they can access your content digitally from anywhere in the world – moving from point to point in your exhibition by exploring each exhibit individually. As well as whetting the appetite for a real visit, this pre-visit experience allows your online visitors to check-out and research objects in advance, thereby increasing their interest during your exhibition. Visitors also have a chance to benefit from your digital content post-visit, by using your interactive 3D online tour to “re-live” what they previously experienced in the real-life setting. In other words, by helping visitors to retain more of what they’ve learned, you are enabling them to become multipliers for their own family, friends and colleagues.

mit der tonwelt online tour das Museum online erkunden

communication with visitors

Digital strategies for visitor guiding

Whether as a browser or VR solution, a 3D online tour allows you to determine your own highlights. These will then be processed in a particularly high-resolution during the so-called “stitching” phase – when your photos are spliced together to form panoramas. Content such as audio, text or video contributions from museum staff can also be defined and made available to your visitors via hot spots. You are free to decide for yourself which stations you want to emphasise by including linked content. Very practically, you can integrate audio and video content from your existing visitor guidance system within the stations of your virtual tour. The recordings for your virtual tour will be created using professional high-end 360° cameras. The recordings will then be integrated into your website via the web service of our service provider Matterport.

Strengthen your pre- and post-visit communication


Interactive 3D-Online-Tours are an effective way to make exhibitions virtually accessible during periods of closure. In addition, during the pre-visit and post-visit stages, digital guided tours and preview services allow you to offer new forms of communication and education to your visitors. For example, you can use your interactive 3D-Online-Tour to provide special insights into both your exhibition and the work done by your museum. One way to do this is to allow visitors on your 3D-Online-Tour to peek behind the scenes at certain points, by for instance “knocking on the door of the restoration workshop”. Excerpts from your online tour can also be placed on your website as teasers. Online tours have proven themselves to be highly effective tools for both museum marketing and museum education.

communication with visitors

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