Museum activities during the Covid-19 crisis:
Counting visitors to ensure safety and distance.

Handheld Devices mit amepheas Visitor Counting System

Capture visitor numbers quickly and effectively:
amepheas Visitor Counting System LIGHT

    • Count your visitors on site in real time
    • Set maximum limits individually
    • Plug & Play - no installation necessary
    • Easy to understand traffic light system
    • Guide the flow of visitors in a targeted manner
    • Automatic logging for official authorities
    • Complete sets with customization and upgrade options
    • Info kiosk also with integrated disinfection dispenser
    • Available as a fully automatic version also: Visitor Counting System PRO

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    Just start counting

    Would you like to know how many visitors are currently at your site and automatically comply with the existing visitor limits? With amepheas we have developed a plug & play corona traffic light that informs you in real time about your visitor numbers and enables museum operations even during the Covid-19 crisis. First of all you set the maximum number of visitors in your museum. Your staff then captures the number of visitors entering and leaving the museum in real time at the entrances and exits using Android devices. The info column is updated simultaneously and the access is visualised in red and green on the display by means of traffic lights. The adherence to the visitor limits during the Covid-19 crisis is automatically logged. With the counting system, you can implement the specifications for distance and hygiene in a focused way. amephea's Visitor Counting System is a plug and play system and is ready for immediate use. The only requirement for use is access to the WLAN.

    amepheas Visitor Counting System: Plug and Play Corona Ampel zum Erfassen der Besucheranzahl in Echtzeit
    Infostelen zur gezielten Besucherkommunikation

    Options and upgrades


    The amepheas Visitor Counting System is a fast and reliable all-in-one solution for the targeted implementation of visitor restrictions. We offer the system as a ready-to-use complete package for fast deployment. In addition, we offer you numerous extensions and individualisations: For example, the adaptation of the screen design to your corporate design specifications, an online synchronisation and analytics for documenting compliance with official requirements for visitor restriction in the CMS or an information kiosk with a larger display and with an integrated hand disinfection dispenser. With amepheas Visitor Counting System PRO a fully automated version of the system will be available soon. Likewise, an extension of the system to several rooms or areas and the combination of automatic and manual counting is already being planned. Do you have any questions about the functions or would you like additional features? Please contact us!

    Contact us for a detailed consultancy service. Mail: • Phone +49 (0)30 39 40 47 30