Cleaning and hygiene of
audio guides and multimedia guides

Advice on hygiene when you hand out audio guides

The regular and comprehensive cleaning of audio guides and multimedia guides is not only important during the corona crisis. The cleanliness and care of equipment is also a key characteristic of your site. tonwelt supraGuides are devices for daily use and should therefore be treated with professional cleaning products. With the easing of corona restrictions and the reopening of museums, we have recently noticed that the use of audio guides is still very popular. Regular disinfection is therefore necessary to ensure the safe use of the equipment. We have compiled the most important information on care and hygiene for tonwelt supraGuides here.

Advice on hygiene when you hand out audio guides

This is how you clean tonwelt supraGuides

  • Each device must be completely disinfected after use
  • Your staff should always wear gloves for protection
  • Use professional disinfectant and paper towels
  • Wipe the device completely with the moistened towel
  • The disinfectant should act for at least 30 seconds
  • Discard the paper towel after a single use

    • Use separate charging stations or boxes for cleaned equipment
    • If necessary, use a sticker to indicate that the device has been disinfected
    • Do you want to use an additional disinfection cabinet with UV/C radiation or ozonation? Do you need consumables or an article recommendation? Just contact us!

    Hygienische Kopfhörer tonwelt supraPhones

    Cleaning of headphones and lanyards

    Standard headphones should currently only be output with hygiene pads. The pads should be changed by the staff after each use. Consider the use of single-ear headphones as they are very easy to clean due to their smooth surfaces. The supraPhones neckband headphones are very hygienic. They do not touch the ears and therefore have little skin contact. All lanyards supplied by us are washable at 30°C and should be changed regularly. If you need additional or special lanyards, just contact us. Not only the cleaning and care of the equipment and headphones are currently of particular importance. Also clean and disinfect regularly the surfaces of the counter as well as the surfaces and displays of the charging stations.

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