App or audio guide?
Why not take both!

tonwelt Audioguide App

    • Visitor guidance as app and audio guide
    • Global CMS for all your contents and tours
    • Simple administration of multi-platforms
    • Intuitive creation and editing of tours
    • Audio guide and app always at the same level
    • Simple webApp or powerful native app
    • Audio, video, quiz, maps, AR, VR, texts, and much more
    • Special tours through intelligent POI management
    • Rapid migration of your current management
    • Integration of social media, events and tickets
    • Direct integration of information from your website

    Which is better during the Corona crisis:
    audio guide or app?

    Due to the current situation, audio guides should only be issued with adapted hygiene standards. However, many museums are wondering whether they should currently distribute audio guides at all or whether an app is not the better choice. With the loosening of the Covid-19 restrictions, there are some surprising things to be noticed: the general concern that the use of audio guides and multimedia guides could be massively reduced has not been confirmed in our experience. On-site audio guides and multimedia guides are still extremely popular, as they are cleaned after each use in accordance with current hygiene standards. tonwelt nevertheless offers you an additional option for your visitor tours. With the new supraCMS you can create your tours for your supraGuides as well as for iOS and Android apps. A particularly convenient feature is that the app is created on the basis of your current tour, so the content can be easily transferred. It is therefore not necessary to create your tour in a new system. Highlight tours are also suitable for controlling the flow of visitors and influencing the length of time they stay in the museum. No matter what you choose, all changes are automatically made both on your supraGuides and in the app. It couldn't be simpler or more flexible.

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    tonwelt supraCMS für Audioguide und Apps

    One CMS – all possibilities

    The tonwelt supraCMS is your key tool for creating visitor tours. With a new design, powerful editors and even more application options, you can curate tours intuitively and in line with your needs and demands. For example, you can combine different media at a POI (point of interest) to address all levels of knowledge transfer. Use a synchronized slideshow of images to illustrate your audio contribution or provide further text information such as biographies. Use film clips to illustrate complex issues or enable your visitors to rediscover your exhibits with new technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). With our timeline feature you can locate your exhibits within defined periods of time. This allows you to convey valuable contextual information about epochs, periods, cycles and ages in a visually appealing way. All multilingual and with an attractive design, of course.

    Visitor guiding with app

    Your audio guide as WebApp –
    online in a jiffy

    Do you normally offer audio guides, but are unsure about handing them out to your visitors during the Covid-19 crisis? With tonwelt's progressive web app (PWA), we can provide you with your audio guide as a slim and fast web application. All you need to do is place a notice with a QR code in the entrance area. Visitors scan the code with their smartphone and select their preferred language. Afterwards, all audio clips are displayed with the corresponding station number as a list. Only the titles that are actually listened to are streamed. Large amounts of data for downloading are thus eliminated. For the use no installation on the devices is necessary.

    tonwelt Progressiv Web App

    Interpretation with all media –
    the new tonwelt app

    Design and create your visitor tours, with the contents that are important for your interpretation: Whether image, audio, video, text, table or AR - the tonwelt app combines your media in our new and lucid article view. POIs are thus individualised and offer several media formats within one station, as you would expect from news apps, for example. The timeline feature also allows you to locate the selected exhibit in the context of epochs, periods or centuries, making it easier to communicate knowledge concisely and visually. Use customizable designs to adapt the app to your corporate design and address different visitor groups in a focused way. Edit and manage tours and media in the new supraCMS and transfer them to your tonwelt supraGuides, Android or iOS apps with one single click.

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