Inclusive tour of Berlin history

In a spectacular exhibition the Zitadelle Spandau (Spandau Citadel) shows history from an unusual perspective: it presents a timeline from the 18th century until the time of the Berlin Wall and German division illustrated by around 100 monuments that disappeared from the Berlin townscape.

What makes the exhibition especially interesting is that parts of it can be explored tactually – by feeling the objects on display. This makes the show particularly suitable for visually impaired visitors. Our author wrote an audio described guide for it.

The historical commentaries for all visitors – sighted or not – are provided by the tonwelt audioguide. All the content is triggered via autostart with the help of a tiny electronic module.

District of Spandau, Berlin

Location & Year
Berlin (Germany), 2016

Project type
Permanent exhibition
“Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments”

Customer type
Castles and Fortresses


  • Media production: Audio
  • System integration
  • 24 x supraGuide eco
  • Audio description (Germany)
  • Triggering technology

Audio Sample

Audio description (DE)

Audio description (DE)