Musée L reopens

A museum opening offers the opportunity – and challenge – of completely rethinking visitor tours. Since 14 November 2017 one of Europe’s major university museums has been presenting its multifaceted collection in a newly renovated building.

The new multimedia communication concept brings together scholars from the Université Catholique de Louvain, museum staff and external experts to personally introduce visitors to the highlights of the exhibition in 26 video interviews on the tonwelt media guide.

This is no dry, academic commentary, but lively, humorous entertainment; the tonwelt team made sure of that in close collaboration with the museum management during the filming – and down to the last detail while editing.

Interaction with media stations, film synchronization, entertaining options for children and versions for visually or hearing impaired visitors complete the choice of products.

Musée L

Location & Year
Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 2017

Project type
Permanent exhibition

Customer type
Cultural history museum


  • Media production: Audio & video
  • System integration
  • Graphic design and programming of the media stations
  • 35 x supraGuide touch + 5 x supraGuide multi
  • French, Dutch (Flemish), English
  • Audio description (FR + NL)
  • Sign language (LSFB)
  • Triggering technology
  • Video synchronization