Wine culture of the world – exploring with all the senses

La Cité du Vin is a spectacular center of experience on the topic of viniculture.

The communication concept involves a multimedia tour with 19 thematic areas and more than 120 audiovisual experiences.

On the basis of its purposeful and competent consultation, tonwelt was awarded the bid in a large international contest.

Visitors are supported by the mediaguide, which activates numerous animated clips and plays lip-synched audio in eight languages.

Our directors helped to shape the artistic and didactic design of the tour and produce a guide in eight languages, along with a guide for children and youths.

One condition of the tender was for visitors to be aware of the soundscape of the surroundings. To realize that, tonwelt developed special headphones with open ear pieces – the new supraPhones.

In order to enhance visitors’ loyalty, the guests can mark their favorite objects on the mediaguide. From home they can log onto the website to find out more about those topics.

Bordeaux city government

Location & Year
Bordeaux (France), 2016

Project type
New opening

Customer type

Specialty museum
Visitor center


  • Media production: Audio & video
  • System integration
  • 1.000 x supraGuide touch
  • 100 x supraGuide multi
  • supraPhones
  • Chinese, German, English,
    French, Italian, Japanese,
    Dutch & Spanish
  • Children’s tours, Youth tours, Simple language
  • Triggering technology
  • Control of exhibition media
  • Video synchronization

Sample video on the supraGuide touch




Audio Sample