The audio guide as a gateway to the history of Kilitbahir Castle Museum

A historical tour is waiting for you in the Kilitbahir Castle Museum. The castle was constituted for the purpose of controlling the sea passage in Çanakkale Bosphorus, also officiate for the security of Istanbul as a pre-defense.

While visiting important parts from each other with tonwelt audio guides, you can witness interesting stories of the castle life, standing still in all its magnificence. You can observe all the historical and cultural details, with the exhibited valuable objects. This place; shed light on the Ottoman Empire naval history and the defense structures.

Guiding services have started in 2018 in Kilitbahir Castle Museum in Turkish and English with 72 Tonwelt audio guides, enabling visitors reaching at the information through state-of-the-art technology. The number entering system of the audio guide provides to the visitor information about the section and the ability to listen the cultural details more carefully.


T.C. Directorate of Gallipoli Historical Site

Place & date
Kilitbahir Castle Museum, 2017

Project type
Permanent exhibition

Customer type
Historical Castle – Museum


  • Media production: Sound
  • 72 x supraGuide ECO
  • Number entering system
  • Turkish, English

Tracks from the audio tour of Kilitbahir Castle Museum