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The Kunsthaus Zürich inquires into romanticism in Switzerland

For more than 10 years, the Kunsthaus Zürich and tonwelt - guiding solutions have been cooperating in the development of innovative visitor tours and audio guides for the special exhibitions. In your latest project, the central question is: does "Swiss Romanticism" actually exist alongside German, English and French Romanticism? The search for it shows how close the international networking of artists was already at the end of the 18th century.

In the retrospective of artistic epochs, Romanticism is of central importance and has already been examined thematically or art historically in many exhibitions. The individual national currents of Romanticism, such as German, English or French Romanticism, are also widely known and researched. But what does Swiss Romanticism actually look like? Is there such a thing and if so, who were the leading protagonists here? One thing is clear: hardly any other country in Europe meets as many scenic criteria when it comes to the romantic as Switzerland. The Kunsthaus Zürich's exhibition now presents an astonishingly diverse panorama on this question. It shows that there may not be one Swiss Romanticism, but that many individual artistic positions can be grouped together to form a unity of diversity under the term "Swiss Romanticism", which is easier to summarize with the term "Romanticism in Switzerland". What is also special about this exhibition is that the 150 selected works by far do not only show Swiss artists. After all, what makes Romanticism in Switzerland so special is the "interplay between site-specific influences and international networking. The special spirit of awakening that characterizes Swiss art of this period is articulated in the lively exchange with artists from neighbouring countries," says curator Jonas Beyer. What is equally special about this exhibition is that it not only presents artistic positions from the 18th and 19th centuries, but also gives space to their resonance in contemporary art.

Continuation of a successful cooperation

No fewer than 36 projects have been realised by the Kunsthaus Zürich and tonwelt - guiding solutions in their cooperation since 2007. In addition to spectacular art exhibitions on Picasso, Munch, Giacometti, Shermann and other internationally renowned artists, the Kunsthaus Zürich regularly succeeds in shedding light on the relationships and resonance spaces between the visual arts and current social processes. For example, in 2018 in the exhibition "Fashion Drive. Extreme Fashion in Art" or 2015, when the Kunsthaus asks about "The Future of History" in the exhibition "Europe". Exciting and complex concepts, which can be explored in greater depth with appropriate audio commentaries in different languages and for different visitor groups. 


Kunsthaus Zürich

Place & Date
Zürich, 2020

Project type
Audio tour via audio guide

Client type
Museum of Art


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Audio tour for Kunsthaus Zurich

Exhibition view «Im Herzen wild. Die Romantik in der Schweiz»,
Kunsthaus Zürich, 2020
Foto © Franca Candrian, Kunsthaus Zürich

Audioführung und Audioguide für Kunsthaus Zürich

Exhibition view «Im Herzen wild. Die Romantik in der Schweiz»
Kunsthaus Zürich, 2020
Foto © Franca Candrian, Kunsthaus Zürich