Augmented Perception - tonwelt creates multimedia experience in immersive exhibition with classic audio guide

Ayrton Senna was an exceptional sportsman and one of the most influential protagonists of Formula 1 in the 1980s and 1990s. The immersive exhibition "Ayrton Senna - the soul beyond the limits", located directly at the legendary Imolas race track, takes visitors to the race track.

On May 1, 1994, the Brazilian Formula 1 racer Ayrton Senna died in a tragic accident on the Imola race track. Senna was already a legend in his lifetime - his unsurpassed ability to steer the racing car on wet asphalt quickly earned him nicknames such as "The Magic" or "The Rain Man".

Senna - coming from the privileged upper class of Brazil - started his career as a kart racer at the age of 13 and competed in his first Formula 1 race at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 1984. In his Formula 1 career of only 10 years, he won the World Championship title three times and 41 Grand Prix titles. Even today, Senna is still considered by experts to be one of the fastest racing drivers ever. His death caused great shock worldwide, but especially in his home country Brazil, and heralded the phase of Senna's glorification. The International Autodrome Museum of Imola (Museo Checco Costa) is now showing an immersive exhibition to mark the 25th anniversary of the exceptional driver's death.

With the master in the cockpit - the audio guide as the central element of the immersive exhibition

Under the keyword Augmented Perception, the immersive exhibition invites visitors to literally immerse themselves in the world of Senna and Formula 1. In lavish, large-format multimedia projections, the visitor takes a seat in the cockpit of Senna's racing car. With the support of immersive light, sound and special effects, the visitor becomes a co-pilot on the race track. The aim of the exhibition is to create a multi-sensory and highly emotional visitor experience that literally makes the fascination of racing tangible and illuminates the person Ayrton Senna as an exceptional talent.

A decisive role in the success of this concept is the sound. Right from the planning phase, the exhibition designers therefore decided to work with tonwelt, the technological leader for audio and multimedia guides in Europe. tonwelt is supporting this unique project with the supraGuide ECO audio guide, automatic triggering via triggerPoints and video synchronisation. For an immersive exhibition experience such as "Aryton Senna - the soul beyond the limits", classic tonwelt qualities were required: outstanding sound experience and the highest precision in synchronising image and sound. Thanks to extremely low latency and excellent sound characteristics, visitors to this exhibition can completely forget the technology and immerse themselves completely in the world of racing.

Museo Checco Costa

Location & Year
Imola (Italy), 2019

Project type
Special exhibition
“Aryton Senna – The soul behinds the limits"

Customer type
Transport museum



    Video synchronisation with 
    audio guide supraGuide ECO

    Concentration on the essentials:
    Visitor Experience with the classic audio guide