Audio guide for the Butler Gallery Kilkenny

Evans’ Home in Kilkenny has a history stretching back to the 17th century. Today it houses the new Butler Gallery, a museum of modern and contemporary art in the centre of the city. The cultural treasures in the gallery have been made accessible to an international audience via tonwelt’s five-language audio tour and its video synchronisation with the supraGuide ECO.

The Butler Gallery in Evans’ Home is part of the cultural heart of Kilkenny. The origins of the building stretch back to the 17th century: During Cromwell’s conquest of Ireland, many Englishmen were granted land in the conquered territory. Joseph Evans was a descendant of one of Cromwell’s English soldiers who received land in Kilkenny, and when he died in 1818, he decreed that his estate should be used for charitable purposes. His gift was so generous that Evans’ Home was able to function as a self-supporting charity until 1990. In 1997, the building and its gardens became the property of the city, and after much discussion, a decision was made to establish a culture centre in the building to promote the cultural and environmental development of Kilkenny. McCullough Mulvin Architects transformed the existing building and its gardens into a place of art, archaeology, history, education and leisure. This conversion returned the historic site to public use. An overview of Evans’ Home and its historical importance to the city is shown in a video at the museum, with a voice-over produced by tonwelt.

Audio tour in five languages including video synchronization with the supraGuide ECO

tonwelt produced an audio tour in five languages for the Butler Gallery. As well as English and Irish, audio tours can also be taken in German, Spanish and Chinese. In addition, tonwelt’s audio guide allows visitors to listen to the museum’s main video using synchronised multilingual voice-overs. Although the video’s original English soundtrack is played back on site via loudspeakers, tonwelt triggerPoints enable a synchronised multilingual voice-over to be heard on the visitor’s supraGuide ECO. In this way, visitors always get the right amount of facts and stories they need to bring this building’s unique history to life!


Butler Gallery Kilkenny

Place & Date
Kilkenny, 2020

Project type
Audio tour via audio guide

Client type
Museum of Art


  • Text production
  • Audio production English, Irish, French, German, Chinese
  • Translation
  • voice over for videos
  • video synchronisation
  • Audio guide supraGuide ECO


Homepage of the Museum

Audioführung in fünf Sprachen durch die Dauerausstellung der Butler Gallery Kilkenny

Exhibition view
Butler Gallery Kilkenny, 2020
Photo: ©Brian Cregan-O'Malley Collection

Film of the history of Evan's home and Butler Gallery Kilkenny
with voice over von tonwelt – guiding solutions
Video ©Butler Gallery Kilkenny