Discover highlights of the collection at the Kunstmuseum Bonn via app or audio guide

The Kunstmuseum Bonn regularly juxtaposes its existing collection with new acquisitions and donations from recent years. In the resulting presentation, positions of contemporary art meet 'classics' of art after 1945. The Kunstmuseum Bonn has used the latest redesign to simultaneously present a barrier-free audio guide to the highlights of the collection. The special: The audio tour is available in the museum both as an app and as an audio guide.

It is an almost beloved tradition of the Kunstmuseum Bonn to present the existing collection in regular intervals. The re-hanging is preceded by intensive curatorial considerations on how to bring the additions to the collection - mostly current positions in contemporary art - into dialogue with works of art after 1945. The result of this intensive process is impressive: "The new hanging also creates a resonance space for the works [...] from the Informel to Blinky Palermo, Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke to Pia Fries, Christopher Wool, and Thomas Huber," says the museum. The title of the current collection presentation Nur nichts anbrennen lassen is borrowed from a large-format work by Georg Herold from 1990. Thus, the Kunstmuseum Bonn not only has a great art collection on show. The new presentation has succeeded in putting the very great names of recent art history into perspective. The Kunstmuseum Bonn also used the momentum of the redesign to rethink its audio tour, because now the highlights of the new presentation can also be discovered via app and audio guide

tonwelt supraCMS - the tool for living collections and exhibitions

With the new supraCMS - the central tool for content, tours and equipment management - the Kunstmuseum Bonn can optimally realize the idea of a "collection in motion". The visitor tour is created once centrally for all languages and the stations are supplemented with the appropriate media, such as audio, video, picture galleries or further texts. Thanks to the new cross-platform architecture, this guided tour can be distributed to different target devices and updated. The content is always up to date on all devices. The audio guides can be played on site and the iOS and Android apps in the stores can be updated centrally from supraCMS - a major advantage over conventional solutions where changes to the content have to be made directly in the app code. The visitor guiding via audio guide and app thus demonstrates the flexibility that is essential for the "collection on the move" concept.

Strengthen pre- and post-visit communication with visitors


The cross-platform approach of offering visitor guiding both as an app and as an audio guide takes all visitor groups into account. But it also expands the museum's options for maintaining communication with visitors before and after the actual visit: "Exploring and getting to know our new collection presentation is now possible from your own living room with the app from tonwelt. Our visitors can now also read up on information at home before and after their visit to the museum and take in works from the collection. The app not only provides auditory and visual support for the impressions gathered in the museum, but its simple handling also allows individual browsing through the highlights and history of the Kunstmuseum Bonn collection", says Anna Niehoff, research trainee responsible for the conception of the new audio tour at the Kunstmuseum Bonn.


Kunstmuseum Bonn

Place & Date
Bonn, 2020

Project type
Visitor tour via app and audioguide

Client type
Art Exhibition


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Copyright Header/left: Installation view „Nur nichts anbrennen lassen. Neupräsentation der Sammlung“, Kunstmuseum Bonn, 2020, Foto: David Ertl / Kunstmuseum Bonn; Museumsansicht: David Ertl / Kunstmuseum Bonn