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The sustainable and affordable way to transfer knowledge

tonwelt is committed to sustainability. It goes without saying that our devices are designed to withstand the daily bumps and bangs of museum life for an extremely long time. Whether it’s a stuck button, a fading battery or a faulty display, almost all of the components in our devices are designed to be easily replaced. That’s how we avoid unnecessary electrical waste while at the same time helping to reduce energy use, costs and inconvenience.

The idea behind refurbished devices is familiar to us all: Second-hand devices with a short history of use are professionally cleaned, reconditioned, repaired and fully tested for functionality. At tonwelt, we check every aspect of our refurbished equipment thoroughly in order to ensure that your audio tours can continue to run smoothly. We also offer an 18-month warranty on all our refurbished devices. But that’s not all. To make sure it’s not just our refurbished equipment that impresses you, we’re now offering a 25% discount on the audio production of any additional extensions that you make to your tours in connection with our refurbished devices.

Multimediaguide supraGuide MULTI mit perfekter Bedienbarkeit

supraGuide refurbished at a glance

    • Devices returned from short-term rentals or project use
    • Cleaned and fully tested for functionality
    • Our own service centres for repairs
    • Includes an 18-month warranty
    • Multimedia guides to help expand your audio tour
    • Barrier-free multimedia guides with integrated induction loops
    • Reliable professional devices with content management systems
    • Integrated tour guide function for group guiding
    • Excellent price-performance ratio with maximum reliability
    • Many additional features, functions and customisations

    A part is a part even when it’s apart

    Because we manufacture our supraGuides ourselves using transparent supply chains, we’re able to carry out our own repairs. Our service teams know every screw, joint and headphone socket of our devices inside out. We’re therefore in a position to replace almost any component. The short distances to our service-centres also mean we’re able to return your repaired devices quickly.The idea behind refurbished devices is well established: Used electronic devices are taken back by an authorised dealer after a short period of use, where they’re then professionally cleaned and checked for functionality. But tonwelt supraGuide refurbished goes one step further: Once the supraGuides have been returned to us, we professionally clean and disinfect them. All components that are subject to mechanical wear and tear are checked thoroughly and replaced when necessary. Displays and batteries are tested for damage and efficiency, and all devices undergo a complete functionality test, the results of which are presented to the customer upon delivery. As a result, our supraGuide refurbished devices remain ideally suited for daily use in your museum. That’s why we give you an 18-month warranty.

    Funktionstest von Audioguides wie neu
    supraGuide TOUCH für interaktive Besucherführung mit automatischem Auslösen von Inhalten

    Expand your audio tour with multimedia and multiple languages

    Audio content is still the best medium for the transfer of knowledge. But sometimes audio content needs visual support through elements like photos, videos or an overview map. Our central supraCMS system makes it easy for you to expand your existing audio guide. But why not go one step further, by turning your new multimedia guide into an interactive tool for your entire tour? If you already have a tonwelt visitor guidance system and you decide to add supraGuide MULTI or supraGuide TOUCH as part of your supraGuide refurbished multimedia upgrade, we’ll also give you a 25% discount on the audio production when you expand your tour to include an additional language. That way, you’ll make it possible for even more of your international visitors to enjoy top quality multilingual knowledge transfer. What better way is there to transfer knowledge both sustainably and affordably? Take a look at our various international projects here, and discover for yourself just how many possibilities there are to use multimedia within your guided tours.

    Our supraGuide refurbished devices

    supraGuide MULTI
    A multimedia all-rounder with
    tour guide function for all visitor groups

    • Interactive multimedia guide with barrier-free operation
    • Excellent sound quality
    • High contrast touch display and braille-incorporated keyboard
    • Integrated induction loop for visitors with hearing aids
    • Supports the playback of pictures, audio and videos
    • Tour guide function with integrated microphone
    • automatic and semi automatic triggering
    • Wide range of accessories
    • Available in black and silver

    Refurbished Price

    Currently out of stock

    Please let me know when it's available.

    Data sheet and further information on supraGuide MULTI

    tonwelt Sustainibilty: Audio guide supraGuide MULTI refurbished
    tonwet Mulitmediaguide supraGuide TOUCH refurbished


    supraGuide TOUCH
    A multimedia guide for interactive and immersive visitor experiences

    • Multimedia guide with map function
    • Supports the playback of audio, videos, images, galleries
    • Automatic and semi automatic triggering
    • Tour guide function with integrated microphone
    • Vibration and remote control functions
    • Wide range of accessories
    • Content management and tour administration
    • Multilanguage video synch
    • Available in black and silver

    Refurbished price
    "Class A"*: from 285,00 €
    "Class B"*: from 225,00 €

    Data sheet and further information on the supraGuide TOUCH

    supraCharger MULTI / TOUCH
    Intelligent charging station for updates and statistics

    • Charging station for supraGuide TOUCH and supraGuide MULTI
    • Conveniently update content via LAN or USB stick
    • Preconfigure tours, languages and modes
    • Tour guide function and multi-group tour guides
    • Easily installed in your furniture or counter
    • Super quiet operation
    • Multicoloured slots indicate charging status
    • Read and record anonymised visitor statistics
    • Available in black and silver

    Refurbished Price
    "Class A"*: from 1150,00 €
    "Class B"*: from 915,00 €

    Data sheet and further information on the supraCharger MULTI / TOUCH

    tonwelt supraCharger: Ladestation für supraGuide MULTI und supraGuide TOUCH


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