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We have compiled special packages and offers to support museums, galleries, tourism and industry in their knowledge transfer. Whether visitor group-oriented interpretation via apps, personal guided tours with tourGuide group guiding systems, future-oriented digitisation projects or counting systems to comply with current distance and hygiene guidelines. Find out here about current offers and benefit from special conditions.

Digital city tours with tonwelt city App

Digital city tours with tonwelt CityApp

With tonwelt CityApp, you can give your guests a digital welcome and enrich your range of tourist services outside regular guided tours. Address different visitor groups with a professional audio tour and other multimedia content and benefit from attractive all-inclusive packages with many additional options.

Comunication on site and track visitor numbers

Count and record visitor numbers on site

Find out here how you can use the visitor counting system to record the number of visitors in the building in real time and effectively control entrances and exits via a traffic light system. The complete system is plug & play and immediately ready for use without installation: set up and start counting.

supraGuide refurbished – Sustainable multimedia guides at reasonable prices

supraGuide refurbished

Our contri­bu­tion to a more sus­tain­able museum that is tail­ored to the needs of your visitors: supraGuide refur­bished pro­vides you with tonwelt cutting-­edge tech­no­logy for your multi­ling­ual visitor tours at very reason­able prices. Find out here how you can turn your exist­ing audio tour into a multi­media visitor ex­peri­ence.

tonwelt 3D online tours and video tours

Video tours und 3D online tours


With video tours and 3D online guided tours you can meet your visitors - even if you are not on site. Find out here how you can integrate your audio tours and why this format is ideal for pre- and post-visit communication with your visitors and can be an important part of your digitization strategy.